Roman Shades

Roman Shades – The Posh Alternative to Drapery Panels

Custom Roman Shades

We don’t know about you, but we love setting up our homes with beautiful and unique furnishings. One of the most asked questions we get when it comes to decorating is our thoughts on different types of window coverings. Should we go for a natural and light shade cover or do we just tint the glass darker? 

With so many treatments and shades to choose from, we understand the struggle! However, we are biased with one little thing. One of our absolute favorites is having Roman Shades in the home. You can place Roman Shades in the Kitchen in the Living room and many other unique placements.  A home without Roman Shades for your windows is a missed opportunity for a fashion statement and minimalistic vibe we would like to review the many custom roman shade styles and applications to help you get a better idea of the best ways to  use roman shades on your windows.

Charlotte Roman Shades

To probably answer your pending question, Roman Shades are a type of window covering used to block out the sun and keep temperatures inside the home at bay. They are different from those standard window shades by being able to stack up evenly when being opened. If you are someone who doesn’t like that look for your home, you’re in luck! Because when they are opened, they are visibly smooth without bumps or a rib-like pattern that you can typically see within vertical shades or blinds.

Each type gives off its own certain flair of fashion and comes from the designs of traditional looks from the Roman Empire (thus the name!) When a pseudo-version of these blinds were used in the Colosseum, the purpose was to ensure the sun and heat wasn’t constantly beating down onto the audience and to regulate the temperature inside.

Types of Roman Shades

The different types of Roman Shades are designed to add not just a fresh, new look to your home, but also a sense of elegance by paying homage to its Roman Empire roots. There are several types that we can talk about all day, but here are a few just to name some. We adore a Blackout Roman Shades, especially if you live in someplace HOT to keep the sun out! They can also be extremely beneficial if you need a blacked out room for your office space or a nursery. Or maybe that is just your preference! Cordless Roman Shades are great when you may have children or pets around the house and don’t want to run the risk of having them get into the cords and harming themselves. Simply just push up or down to your liking – and that right there is the beauty of having cordless Roman Shades!

You can always have customized Roman Shades purposed for your home. Depending on your windows within a home or business, they can also be altered in a custom size Roman Shades for whatever size window you may have!

Roman Shades tend to be comparable and affordable when it comes to being in the market for new widow shades. Typical and non-altered Roman Shades can range around $75 while custom size Roman Shades can be in the hundreds. They are usually easy to install, just like other shades, but you can also have someone hired to do it, too!

Now that you know everything there is to know about Roman Shades and their plethora of designs and uses, why not take a look around the house or office and see if you are in the market for a new change. They are guaranteed to keep your indoor space cool and regulated while also giving off a spark of class and Roman authority! With being affordable and with so many styles to choose from, what kind are you going to decorate your space with?