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2020 Trends in Curtains and Window Treatments


Window Treatment Trends in 2020

2020 Curtain Trends

When deciding what window coverings to put in your rooms, there are a variety of great options.  Whatever your personal style or the size of your windows, we have a variety of custom curtains trends and current concepts for you to explore.

Trends come and go in Textile Industry, but the trend in furnishings often imitates the trend in fashion. Window treatments strike a familiar color chord and takes from bold prints and color like the flavors and details found in clothing. Window treatments are going in some interesting directions that give homeowners more options than ever.

Household configuration greatly impacts this year’s curtain trends. Many homes have oversized glass windows that provide opportunity for trying out a different and current window options. Understanding what is in and what’s out this season is what Posh Diggs knows best.

Windows play a major role in keeping your home well-lit and airy, showcasing not only beauty but comfort. Curtains are among the most prominent and common window treatments used today.  Continue to read for the latest 2020 trends.

Why Window treatments?

Window treatments are an essential element when decorating your home.  They are a great way to add your own personality and style to any room. Curtains and shades will give your windows a distinctive look and will transform your home.   Posh Diggs can help you with your window treatment and decorative textile needs, in this post we wanted to share with you some of the exciting trends we see happening in 2020.

Natural & Metallic designs

Two hot curtain design trends currently are naturals and metallics.

Since more and more people embrace indoor gardening, ornamental-themed curtains help bring in the outside. It creates tranquility. Abstract patterns and hand-painted birds such as the peacock and swan come with clear brush strokes in large scales. Tree-branch drawings, cherry blossoms, and Japanese-inspired patterns are now available in designer fabrics. Coral patterns and sense of water often suggest a natural theme.  This year, tones such as classic blue, scuba blue, and aquamarine are essential. Nature is being transported indoors to give homes a fascinating yet very relaxing atmosphere.


Color me Blue

blue roman shades

Roman shade in Floral Gala printed fabric in Navy and White with trim in Cobble Hill Tape in Navy

Premium color and paint follow the trend to bring more harmony into our lives. Cold grays are going out, and warmer neutrals are arriving.  We see lots of blues in different soothing tones to bring peace and serenity into the home — especially apparent in the year’s 2020 Pantone Color is Classic Blue.

Blue is the favorite color of nature through the sky and seas. Strong blue hues support clear thinking, while softer shades tend to calm the mind and help levels of concentration.

Blue provokes intellect, engagement, confidence and calmness.  All elements you might want in your living room area. The blue drapes are chic as well as classic. We custom make a variety of drapery styles. Whether you love the polished, contemporary-minimal look, or a cool beach-style to revamp your living space; blue drapes come to the aid. Numerous shades and tints of blue add to the wide array of choices available.

We love to see solid, dark-blue drapes. They move into a living room or bedroom in a sense of elegance and timeless sophistication, without going over the top. Unlike most other colors, the blue abundance still feels good… even modern. Once again, the supporting cast here is provided by white and lighter shades of grey. An all blue look for a bedroom is sure to look fantastic!


Ripple fold style draperyRipplefold

Ripple fold is a generic term for rolled pleat drapery construction by which the pleating in the fabric is accomplished through the distance between the hanging carrier.  The tracking mechanism creates a strong s-curve in the fabric.  A simple and beautiful style, Ripple fold drapery is highly valued by interior designers and architects. They ride along the customized channels. Ripple fold are always tailor-made to fit the desired width and fullness.

Ripple folds have been seen in high end hotels and restaurants and are now entering 2020 household in waves.  This style now moves towards residential applications and is an upgrade to traditional pinch pleated curtains and fits well with any type of style. The ripples are made on the curtain header by snaps on flat fabric panels which give the ripple effect to give you the fullness you want. They’ll easily slide open and closed. To make your home look fabulous you can choose from a basic casual look to a stunning, minimalist look!


Sense of luxury

Texture is at the forefront of design concept in window trends and luxury materials in 2020. Many are seeking for privacy in their old-fashioned movie theater and velvet is the ideal choice. The rich extravagance of velvet is hard to beat, but there is one fabric that can compete, silk. Nothing like silk says wealth. Unlike any other fabric, silk has tremendous structure without feeling heavy. Balance your design with the lustrous silk shine, you will not regret.

Buyers are facing an ever-expanding field of alternative choices for window treatment. It is reassuring to know that these choices are also price varying.

Sheer CurtainsSheers are a must in 2020

Sheer curtains give a highly elegant look and are quite attractive and rather useful for people seek privacy. Constructed of semi-translucent and flimsy fabrics such as cotton lace or loosely woven polyester voile, sheer curtains permit full light transmission.

The transparency of sheer curtains enables you to dress a window without limiting the entrance of sunlight into the room. Not only do sheer curtains look elegant but they also offer a light breezy feel and are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchen windows.

Curtains crafted of sheer fabric can be used separately or behind heavier drapes for an appealing view. Sheer curtains are not very costly and available in a variety of colors and styles, and a functional home decor option. These curtains can be used anywhere, whether it is the window in your bedroom or even to create a partition inside a room.

To create a new and stylish window covers you can opt for either single layer or multiple layers.  Layers of diverse colored curtains and textures will create a special look for your room.


Shades Are Always in Stylecustom roman shades

Tell those metal mini blinds goodbye. Window shades are available in a wide range of fabrics, materials, colors, and styles. Shades like blinds, are made to custom fit your window. Choose from a selection of shades centered in neutral classic colors or go crazy and pick everything out in more vibrant colors.

Roman shades continue to be a hot trend in 2020.  Posh Diggs can add custom trim to pull together elements of your room.  As we spend more and more time indoors, bringing elements of the nature into the home in a sustainable way becomes more relevant and that’s another hot trend in 2020. We see this with a spike in bamboo and wooden window coverings such as woven shades of wood and wooden blinds. Through waste-free methods of production to energy efficiency-enhancing products; for more eco-friendly products for their homes.

To be truly vogue with shades, try mechanical options.


Motorization & home automation

With ever more homes hitting the market as “smart homes” with motorized everything, it should come as no surprise that drapes and shades are no exception.  The ability to access and close your cordless blinds, curtains, or shutters with the touch of a button super handy.  It also offers a range of advantages like child safety, energy savings, protection, and comfort.  Posh Diggs knows all about shade and drapery automation technology.


About Posh  Diggs

These days there has been tremendous development in the shutters and window covering industry.  Years ago, long curtains were used to keep the sun’s heat and hot air out during summer and in the winter to keep the warm air in. Today’s power-efficient doors and windows, along with the highly effective cooling and heating systems have change the reasons why we use window treatments in our home. People can choose from the more posh and exclusive type of window coverings to improve their interior designs.

Posh Diggs has grown its company and built a solid reputation in North and South Carolina for both quality and elegance in window coverings, decorative pillows, and furniture upholstery.  Learn more about Posh Diggs at our website  To schedule a free consultation contact us on 704.293.8881. We work with you on fabric selection, hardware options and measurements, fabrication, and installations. Enjoy 2020!