Posh Diggs is an authorized dealer for your Thibaut Wall paper projects.

Order Thibaut Wallpaper and Samples

We can help you with samples and consult with you on the amount of rolls you will need to order to complete your Thibaut wallpaper project.

The process is simple Select what you want to order below, Order Thibaut Wallpaper Samples or Order Thibaut Wallpaper Rolls. Reference the Thibaut Pattern number on the Left hand side of the image and the color referred to as Colorway.

ORDER SAMPLES: Select up to 4 samples and Posh Diggs will send you a $5 memo of each sample or you can upgrade to larger samples, if you place a full order with us we will reimburse you for your samples.

To order rolls you will fill out our form with the respective Pattern Number(s) and the quantity of each. Posh Diggs will check on availability and order the necessary single or double rolls needed to complete your project. If we have any questions we will call you to discuss.