Every room needs a little privacy.

Charlotte Custom Window Shades

Posh Diggs offers full-service blinds and shades in Charlotte NC.  We provide whole-house or by-the-room blinds and shades for your home. We have a wide variety of options to help meet your design and energy needs. Posh Diggs can customize and install any of the following shade styles in your Charlotte home, townhouse or condo: luminette shades, honeycomb shades, pleated shades, roller shades, roman shades, silhouette shades, solar shades, woven shades and designer shades, all of which are designed to be functional and attractive. By adding style and UV protection wherever they are placed, window shades can truly complete a room, turning it from drab to delightful.


Charlotte’s premier motorized shades for your home. Connect your shades to your home automation for easy use.


Solar Screen Shades allow you to enjoy the view from your windows while minimizing the heat and glare on a beautiful sunny day. ​Depending on the sun exposure in each room, the beautiful materials offered have many choices that provide the perfect solutions to protect your furnishings and artwork from fading. Posh Diggs provides Charlotte Solar Screen Shades in many different fabrics, patterns and colors so finding the right one to complement your interior will be easy. Lifting systems for both roller and roman style shades include cordless, continuous loop as well as motorization.


Simplistic and practical, Roller Shades are a great Window Treatment option. Whether you like modern, traditional or somewhere in-between, our Fabric Roller Shades have you covered. ​Our wide selection includes sheer, semi opaque and blackout fabrics and the lifting systems include cordless, continuous loop and motorization.


Woven Shades and Bamboo Shades are probably the most exotic window treatment we offer. With so many textures, patterns and colors available, these window treatments provide a natural warm feeling to an interior that other shades can’t compare to. Woven Shades can be lined for both privacy and​/or room darkening options. If left unlined​, these shades provide a stunning ambiance in the room that’s achieved when the natural light escapes beyond the beautiful woven textures that are unique to each pattern. The roman style, both flat and hobbled include cordless, continuous loop as well as motorized lifting systems.


Cellular shades, also know as Honeycomb Shades offer a clean simple look with the advantage of superb insulation qualities that reduce both cooling and heating bills and help with sound absorption as well. When it comes to function, there are options that are available which are unique to cellular shades. The ​Top/​Down ​Bottom/​Up feature allows for privacy at the top middle or bottom of your window​. The ​Summerfield shade, which includes a variety of different fabrics​, enables you to have a room darkening option, along with a semi-opaque or sheer option, all in one shade. The compact design of Honeycomb Shades is a great solution for french doors with lever handles that hinders more cumbersome shades from fitting behind the lever. They also stack, when opened, in a very compact and visually minimal way at the top of the door. Lifting options for Cellular Shades are plentiful with cordless, continuous loop, retractable and motorized systems available.


Sheer Shadings, also known as Silhouette Shades, Shangri-La and Sheer Horizontals are soft shades with a horizontal translucent vane that tilts open and closed between two sheer fabrics. This beautiful window treatment, with its unique design, allows you to position the 2″, 3″ and 4″ vanes for the light and privacy you desire. They can also be lifted all the way up into the shades headrail for a complete view of the outside. Soft shadings are not just beautiful because of the fabrics, patterns and colors offered, but they are also convenient, with many lifting systems to choose from. Sheer Shadings are a great choice for traditional, contemporary and modern room styles, making them an appealing option for you to consider.