Upholstery Trends for 2020 that you NEED to Know About

Upholstery trends 2020

The beautiful thing about design trends is that they are always morphing and changing. As humans, we like change. New things excite us and are enticing, especially when it comes to visual changes. No wonder so many of us love to redecorate and renovate our homes.

2020 has some stylish and stunning trends in terms of upholstery. For upholstery, many trends are through the fabrics and textiles, this being material, color, and pattern. Whether it is an upholstered headboard (which is super IN right now) or adding designer throw pillows, you can get a stylish space that feels fresh and new with this year’s hot looks.

Jeweled Velvets

charlotte upholstery

Velvets have always been a classic fabric that brings a sense of luxury and glamor into a piece. It offers a lot of soft texture and in the right lighting, gives a subtle sheen. This year, jeweled velvets are in trend. Navy blues, deep emerald greens, and amethysist offer some sophistication and depth to this already glamorous fabric.

For an added bonus, get a channel detail. This sleek ribbing creates additional texture and makes a velvet a little more modern. It looks great on a banquet back for your custom built-in eating area or for that entry way nook.

Commercial Grade Fabrics

performance fabric

A trend that has been catching on in the residential and home world of design is actually taken from the commercial side. When designing public spaces, performance grade fabrics are used for durability and cleanliness. Well, the residential world caught on and are now creating fabrics that are not only heavy duty, but stylish and soft for the home (meaning you won’t be able to tell that these fabrics offer commercial grade qualities).


Some of the benefits of performance grade are that they are more durable in terms of wear. Most residential fabrics have a lower wear rate, meaning that you will get frays and rubs in your upholstery faster than going with a commercial grade fabric.


Another benefit is that most of these performance grade fabrics have stain repellent backings and technology. Many spills, even the trickier ones like wine, can be easily wiped away and cleaned. This makes these fabrics great for households with children, pets, or just accident prone adults.

Tailored Textures

With fall approaching, cozier upholstery fabrics that offer a chic look are a timeless autumn trend. This means getting fabrics with a bit of texture helps to create warmth and a soft coziness in your space. Bouclés, Twills, and Tweeds are subtle and stylish ways to add a sleek bit of texture into your design. In neutrals colors of creams, beiges, and mushrooms, they blend comfort and class seamlessly.


This Menswear trend, also is popular in those upholstery details. Tufts, buttons, and other ‘suit-like’ elements create a sophisticated look and feel. It is a way to update and tailor an otherwise simple upholstered piece.

Classic Blue Fabrics

Blue has always been a favorite color for many. It is one of the first colors we learn about, being taught primary colors in elementary school. This year, Pantone’s color of the year happens to be Classic Blue 19-4052. Some colors are just timeless it seems.

Blue from a psychological perspective brings peace and calmness, introspection and connection, as well as connecting us to thought and emotions. As 2020 has turned out to be one roller coaster of a year, we could all use a little more of this serene color in our spaces.


Blue also connects us with nature, reminding us of skies and seas. It is a great color to pair with a coastal style. Layer this blue with other cool colors such as green for an even more relaxed space, or pair with a contrasting warm color for a more modern approach.

Sustainable & Natural Fabrics

With more and more people becoming environmentally conscious, there has been a shift into the products and materials we are bringing into our homes. We are focused on fabrics that are not only healthier for the environment, but healthier for ourselves too. A lot of today’s upholstery fabrics are full of chemicals and plastics, which are harsh for our bodies.


Green friendly fabrics are safer and have a grounding look and feel to them. Natural fabrics such as wool and mohair make for great heavier duty upholstery, such as couches and arm chairs, while linens and cottons are great for pillows.

Alternatively, many fabric manufacturers are becoming greener themselves and making fabrics with recycled context. This is a great solution for those who like more synthetic alternatives but don’t like the negative effects on the environment.

Jungle Patterns

Since most of us are not traveling this year, and our vacations have been put on hold, tropical and jungle prints and patterns are the way to get a bit of that adventurous spirit in your life and space.


Vibrant emerald greens not only connect to those tropical plants but help bring relaxing and calming energy since they connect with nature. Find these fabrics in solid colors or through leaf prints such as palms and ferns.


Another classic jungle pattern is animal print. Jaguar and cheetah are classic cat prints that when paired right, can elevate and stylize a space in a fun and glamorous feel. The key is to not go overboard with this upholstery and use it in minimal applications. A pillow or single wing back chair are great options. But pick one and not both. Remember, there is only one king of the jungle and cats don’t mix well.

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