Three Reasons to Reupholster

The average life of sofas purchased today is seven to 15 years. Sometimes those years are cut short due to kids, pets, moving and Sunday night football.  Life events and everyday use tend to add lots of wear and tear on fabric. Some frayed areas can be mended but eventually the fabric will give out well before those seven to 15 years. You might be contemplating what to do with your sofa or furniture that you love just and have had for just a few years.

Every Charlotte furniture upholstery project has different needs and we hope to share with you some reason to re-upholster your furniture to update your rooms design. Many people wonder what does it take to re-upholster furniture we are always asked how much does it cost to reupholster a chair or a sofa, many things go into the cost so we need to see the furniture to give you a final price. Another factor that goes into your cost is the fabric you choose, furniture fabric can range in price from under $10 a yard to over $100  and everything in between. Sometime price can be the deciding factor in other instances it is not a factor. Posh Diggs is a Charlotte furniture upholsterer near you and we can help you through the process Contact us to learn more to help decide what you would like to do.

Below are the top three reasons why you should consider upholstery. Before you put your sofa, chairs, or cushions on the curb consider Charlotte’s furniture reupholstery with Posh Diggs and our upholstery services.

charlotte sofa upholstery

Making old new again with just the right fabric.

Have you recently gotten married and are trying to make both of your furniture work in your new life together? Unless you both shopped at the same furniture store for the past ten years, you’re likely having decor challenges.  Posh Diggs will be able to take your old and make it new.  We are able to provide a vast amount of different types and styles of fabric choices that will fit your current decor.

When one inherits a chair, sofa or any other piece of furniture from a family member can make a piece of furniture sentimental.  That piece of furniture can preserve memories yet create a decor challenge.  Re-upholstering will allow you to preserve their memories of the furniture.  Perhaps furniture had been handed down from generation to generation yet doesn’t fit into your current home style.

Updating an old collectible for your home or business for sentimental reasons can feel so rewarding as well as makes for a wonderful conversation piece for years to come. Posh Diggs can help you maintain the unique individuality of a piece, or turn an old look into a new exciting fashion statement.

Charlottes furniture Reupholstery with Posh Diggs is a way of preserving furniture while helping save the environment. When a piece of furniture is reupholstered, the frame and springs are reused. This means less waste to be put into landfills. Landfills produce toxic gases. For every 1 ton of garbage dumped in a landfill, 200m3 to 400m3 of toxic methane gas are released into the environment.  By reupholstering furniture instead of throwing it away, it means that you help to reduce global warming by reducing the amount of methane produced by landfills.  We even carry Crypton Fabric which is an earth-friendly stain-resistant option for any upholstery need.

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