Re-upholster Your Ugly Outdoor Cushions.

Patio and Sunroom cushions can make your outdoor space cozy and inviting, that is unless they’ve been beaten by age and weather. Then they’re just plain ugly. Even with the best outdoor fabric, they are not meant to last forever. Sometimes the only solution to stains, rips and fading is just to replace them — or more affordable, contact Posh Diggs and we can recover them.  Posh Diggs has a selection of indoor/outdoor fabric or you can provide your own.  Make sure your fabric is waterproof, mildew-resistant fabric specifically made for the outdoors.  You will need 1.5 yards for each cushion.

Often we hear from our customers that they need all new cushions; but really the foam is salvageable; which will save you money.  Posh Diggs will wrap your foam with Dacron to give the cushion a new puffed professional look.  One of the main reasons to recover versus buy new, is the custom size.  Your cushions were specifically crafted to your outdoor pieces.  When you buy brand new from common retail stores, the fit will not be like the original, compromising the look of your furniture.

Recovering your existing cushions is affordable and Posh Diggs can turn your project around quickly and in time for spring and summer.  Standard size cushion recovering is $70 per cushion.  That includes piping and zipper, as well as Dacron wrapping.

We look forward to helping you update your outdoor living look. Contact us early to ensure the fastest turn around time for your project.