Product Spotlight | Wall Hanging Pillow Headboard

At Posh Diggs, we firmly believe your home is your sanctuary and no room better exemplify that than the bedroom. It’s the one place in your home where you can really relax and unwind from the day’s stress.  Why not fill it with luxurious upholstery, monogrammed throw pillows, a stunning headboard, and a beautiful drapery. After all, the average person spends about a third of their life in bed.

There are many elements that go into constructing a calm bedroom.  But most importantly the bed stands out as the focal point of the bedroom.  It can be pricey to invest in a whole new bedspread, complete with plush throws and linens.  But we have an even simpler (and cheaper) way to transform your room entirely: a wall hanging pillow headboard.

Our upholstery wall hanging headboards can totally redefine your space as well as making your bed more comfortable. Headboards don’t necessarily have to be attached to your bed, as our wall hanging pillow headboards prove. They add an intrigue above a bed so you don’t have to change anything about your bed to refresh it. With our upholstery fabric choices you can bring in new colors to your current bedroom décor or find something that matches perfectly.

Current Trends

Interior designers are moving away from the rough-cut, wooden headboards.  The current trends are moving more towards the more glam and delicate variety of headboards. Fabric-wrapped headboards, preferably ones clad in jewel-tones, are making serious headway in the interior design world. When you use our upholstery services, we can show you how to incorporate our wall hanging headboards into your bedroom, dorm room, or even beach home.

College Dorm Room

Our wall hanging headboards are an easy way to dress up some very utilitarian furniture in a college dorm room. Hooks work fine to strap the headboard to the wall just above the bed, a sturdy and temporary solution that will be easy to take down at year’s end. The headboard can then be transferred to the student’s new dorm room the next year.

A Child’s Bedroom in the Beach House

Creating a space for your kids to feel right at home in a beach house of vacation home is always a priority. Especially because it’s not the bedroom that they’re sleeping, playing, and dreaming in all year round, the new space maybe scary for them. So adding a playful upholstered wall hanging pillow headboards will add a perfect touch to their space.  Our fabric are both durable and pretty so they’re the perfect solution for creating a space for children that will grow with them.

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