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How to Hang Stationary Curtain Panels

Hanging Custom Drapes and Curtain Panels

Stationary Panels give the illusion of a full drapery stacked off the window to reveal a beautiful view. Over the years we have created some beautiful custom curtain panels for our clients and designers to help accent a room. The process includes deciding what fabric to use, the style, and the hardware to use to hang it with. When you finally get to the finishing step of hanging the panels in the room you do not want to hang them poorly here are some of the steps we take after the planning and selection process. 

When you are planning the width placement of stationary drapery side panels, you need to answer two basic questions:

  1. Where, exactly will you install your panels relative to the window glass, trim, and wall
  2. How tightly will you stack your panels

Stationary panels are a bit different than traversing draperies, with their tight stacking off the window when open.  For station panels, an illusion is sought – the appearance of fully drawn-open draperies, occupying a similar wall space and revealing the glass and the view.  But typically, stationary panels are installed with a ‘relaxed stack’; not packed together tightly like a stacked-back traverse drapery, but not stretched as wide as they will go either.

Stationary drapery panels are available in standard or deluxe fullness. Standard fullness is one width of fabric pleated to a width of 17-23 inches. 5 pleats are standard. Deluxe fullness is 1.5 widths of fabric pleated to 19-27 inches. 7 pleats are standard. Folds are more numerous and deeper than the standard fullness.  Draperies pleated for poles have no overlap in the center. They do have 3.5” return to the wall.

Position your stationary panels with the inside edge of each panel even with the edge of the glass area, provided you have adequate wall space.  This means that each panel will cover the trim at the side of the window and extend a number of inches onto the wall outside of the window. 

If you would like some help placing this design idea on your windows please give us a call at 704-293-8881 and we can work with you on sizing, style, and fabric choice. We serve NC and surrounding areas like Charlotte, Monroe, Lake Norman, Ballantyne and down to Rock Hill SC. If you are outside of the service area send us measurements and fabric choice and we can send the completed curtains back to you. Contact us for further details.