Custom Drapes Estimate

How much do custom drapes cost?

Share what style drapes you are looking for the size you want and how much your fabric will cost. With that information we can give you an estimate of how much custom drapes will cost. This is not an exact specification calculation and we will continue to improve the options that go into determining these estimates.


If you need help or would like to discuss a complex project please give us a call for complete pricing. It is important to remember every service provider has some differences in pricing we have built this around the factors Posh Diggs uses to estimate custom drapes. It is our goal to provide you a fair estimate based on just the requirements that are easy to define.

In this calculator you will see some factors that impact cost. The largest one is the cost of the fabric and yes this is also the most important element of the project. How else are you going to make your window look amazing? Another factor is the repeat of your pattern in the fabric or the quality of the fabric. If you would like Posh Diggs to order a fabric for your project use the PER YARD cost you have found the fabric for and include the link in your worksheet. At the end you will have the option to email yourself the estimate. We hope you find this helpful and we look forward to answering any questions you have.