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Posh Diggs

Posh Diggs Transforms Your Pinterest Boards Into Reality

We often find ourselves scrolling through Pinterest for hours. It is the ultimate visual search engine for just about anyone looking for inspiration. Whether you’re looking to remodel your living room, reupholster your outdoor lounge chairs, or find the perfect nursery, Pinterest has a picture for you. However, it’s often easy to get trapped in a Pinterest loop hole.  Which can be defined as chasing ideas, buying pieces but not being able to actually put the whole picture into action.  At Posh Diggs we want to help take your Pinterest boards and pins and make them into reality.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but we are here to help you!

What is Pinterest

Just in case you’re unfamiliar with what we’re talking about, Pinterest is a website that hosts billions of photos and documents that a user can “pin” and save to their personal board. In the search you can type in a phrase, such as, “throw pillows” and tons of photos will instantly appear featuring throw pillows for your home (indoor, outdoor, bedroom, and living room). Today, Pinterest is one of the most popular platform for people to find visual inspiration for crafts, recipes and, of course home décor. We love when our customers bring us upholstery décor inspiration from Pinterest, it gives us a sense of their whole vision and can even future projects.

This is one of our favorite upholstery pins from Pinterest.  Send us your Pinterest boards, because if you can dream it we can make it.

Where to Start

Step 1.

Start by making a board. Once you start searching you are able to pull all of your inspirations into one place.  Then you can begin to organize by room or even fabric style.  Please keep in mind that seeing a picture on a computer screen that might have been staged by professional photographers and then seeing them in action are completely different things. You may love a color palate in a Pinterest photo but not love when you see it in real life.

Step 2.

We can help you choose from all our fabrics and color trends that we keep in our Blacklion booth.  You will be able to see which fabrics will work with your current décor or which are close to the ones you’ve already pinned on your Pinterest Board. Once you have found a few inspirational pins, send us an email or message with those images and we will work our upholstery magic!

Step 3.

Posh Diggs will now work with you from start to finish!  Once you have messaged us with your Pinterest inspiration, we will come to your home to consult with you on your needs. If you’re struggling with finding what you’re looking for, we suggest looking at our Pinterest board here.  You can find some amazing upholstery designs from nurseries to living rooms. In about two weeks’ time you will see your vision come to life when we hand deliver your final product.

Contact us

Call or message us today.  Send us your design inspirations or questions.  That way we can work together to create the upholstery home of your dreams! So when people come to your home, they’ll be pinning your home on their own inspiration boards!