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Have you ever had a piece of furniture that starts to look old and dated due to minor blemishes, dings or scratches or, an outdated finish? Posh Diggs can help revive and reinvent your existing piece by giving it a fresh new finish to fit your style.

Posh Diggs is skilled in refinishing and specialty paining treatments for all types of furniture. At Posh Diggs, we use the highest quality products and processes to give your furniture new life or, for some we make it look old but in great condition. Repainting or refinishing is a popular and economical way to restyle the pieces you already own.

Once we obtain the perfect finish, we can update the upholstery to complete your vision.


You may have the perfect piece of furniture that just needs a new finish to make it standout. Posh Diggs can help you strip and refinish it with the ideal color and finish to fit your design style.

Once we add the update, new finish we can customize your piece with any upholstery style to give your piece a brand new look. For some, we work hard to make it look like a cherished piece in great condition.

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Kitchens and More

Want to save thousands of dollars on your kitchen remodel?  No need to replace your existing cabinets, Posh Diggs can repaint them or give them a specialty, glaze finish! If you like the layout of your kitchen, we can transform your existing cabinets into something updated and amazing.

Granite, quartz and stone countertops are the statement pieces of any kitchen or bath. As a matter of fact, if you live in the Charlotte, NC area and your home is valued at over $250,000 then, homebuyers EXPECT granite, quartz or stone countertops as a standard amenity and not an upgrade. Therefore, if resale value is important to you, invest the countertops and update your existing cabinets with paint and glaze.

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