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Posh Diggs DIY Playhouse


We want to create a community here at Posh Diggs, we want to be the one stop shop for all your upholstery needs, questions, and dreams.  So we decided what better way to start a community than sharing a little DIY that you can do at home with a little pipe cleaner, fabric, and imagination.  Each month we will share a DIY to help inspire you! So make sure to comment below what DIY you would like to see next.

Playhouse DIY

For our first DIY tutorial is a child’s playhouse! Growing up with a  playhouse or even tent helps a child’s imagination developed and creativity run wild.  They can instantly turn that play space into a fortress, a mansion, a hideout, or a castle! Our owner and founder Kelly, knows the importance of that and wanted to make one for her daughter Kendall.   Yes, this project takes a little time and effort but your handmade playhouse will last for years to come, and you have the option to customize the fabrics to make the perfect getaway for your little ones.

Tools & Materials:


The main materials that we used to make this DIY playhouse are fabric and PVC pipes.


Sewing Machine

Rotary Cutter


Small Scissors (Snips)

Hand Saw (for cutting the pipe)


PVC Pipe and Fittings


Heat N Bond

Fabric Pen

PVC Structure

Our Dimensions are 52″ long X 30″ wide X 50″ high.  But you can make any height by adjusting your PVC frame.  Consult with your local hardware store on the supplies needed for constructing your frame.


  1. Start by picking out your fabrics for the sidingroofand window trim. You also have the option to add extra bottom detailing around the house.
  2. Trim the fabric for the front panel of the house, with an additional 2 inches of fabric on each side.
  3. Cut out fabric pieces for your window trim. The two-pane windows are 16 x 10 3/4″all together and the six-pane windows are 16 x 24″
  4. Add some fray check along the inner edges of the windows so that the fabric won’t fray.
  5. If you are adding the bottom detailing, simple serge/sew the two fabrics together.
  6. Have fun with décorating…. we added Interior curtains, mailbox, and name plate to really jazz up Kendall’s fort.
  7. To add the door to the front panel, measure 47″ high and 22″ Mark a 2 1/2″ trim going around the door and cut out the door opening with a rotary cutter.

Sewing the Fabric Panels Together

After creating each fabric wall the best thing to do is to sew them together before you place it over the playhouse.

  1. Cut out your roof panel.For our roof we cut two pieces of fabric and surged them together at the apex of the roof. To do this, let the fabric overlap by about a 1/2″, and then serge where the fabrics overlap.
  2. Serge the two side panels of the house to either side of the roof. Again, let the fabric overlap by about a 1/2″.
  3. Next, attach the front and back panels. Straight stitch the front panel to the roof leaving an additional 1/2 of fabric from the wall and the roof inside the straight stitch. After stitching the two fabrics together, serge the additional 1/2″ of the two fabrics to make it more secure.
  4. Repeat this straight stitch and surging technique with the vertical edges of the playhouse.
  5. Fit the entire fabric piece over the PVC frame.
  6. Add a line of Velcro to the bottom of the fabric and to the inside of the PVC pipe to secure the fabric to the frame.

Send us your DIY

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